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This website was created because my mind has been constantly spinning around the subject of policy. I've always felt that a lot of America's problems were quite simple and easy to solve - if we put our mind to it. I wanted to look into more depth on where exactly the government stands, what it's problems are, and what's standing in the way of making a better future (and indeed, what that better future looks like, in my opinion). 

I intend for my approach to this to be non-partisan. Granted, inevitably my personal biases from how I was raised will affect my world outlooks and therefore the positions I take.


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Who am I?

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Louis Petitjean

Louis Petitjean was born near Paris and grew up in and around Princeton, NJ. He loves playing piano which he has been doing since the 1st grade. Starting in high school, he began running - a passion which he continues to involve himself in as he trains for the 2018 Montreal Marathon. Moreover, he loves travelling and trying new activities. He's worked in several labs, including labs at Princeton, Rockefeller, and McGill Universities, working on diseases such as sickle cell anemia, infectious chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, and microtubules. In Sophomore year of high school he began taking an interest into history and how it explains the present and predicts the future. This has translated in an interest in the modern affair of states, especially given the political climate and division that exists in America today. 



BSc., Anatomy and Cell Biology, 2020



Activities & Affiliations

  • Brouhard Lab, Summer 2017/18
  • Pianist (Watch me Here)
  • Runner (2018 Montreal Marathon!)
  • Avid Biker and Traveler 
  • President of McGill Swing Kids (MSK)