Government Responsibilities

The following are the major categories of responsibilities of the government. Click on each to find out specific issues and activities of the government that fall under that category.

Protection of its citizens

One of the primary responsibilities of government is to protect its citizens from various threats to security, peace, and freedom.

  • Foreign Threats
  • Malicious Capitalism and Corporate Regulation
  • Discrimination
  • Privacy
  • Other Regulation


In addition to creating laws, it is the government's responsibility to uphold the law.

  • Police
  • Prison Reform
  • Audits
  • Special Counsel


It is the the government's to responsibility (through the judiciary) that the laws are constitutional, fair, and upheld fairly for the citizens the government represents. 

  • Supreme Court Cases
  • Immigration Courts
  • Routing Out Corruption

Provide social services

As the government has grown, it has also adopted several services and social benefits into the fold of its operation.

  • Research Funding
  • Other Subsidies for Favorable Outcomes
  • Postal Service
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Social Security
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Welfare
  • Transportation
  • Housing

fiscal and monetary policy

Fiscal Policy is all policy regarding taxation. Monetary Policy is policy regarding the interest rate at which the government lends as controlled through the Federal Reserve Bank. The government uses these tools to control and guide the economy and to fund itself.

  • Fiscal Policy
  • Monetary Policy
  • Trade Policy

conservation of resources and sustainability

The government must act on behalf of the people to ensure they live in a clean environment and moreso that the environment is not damaged so as to endanger its citizens or its future. Moreover, it controls the exploitation of resources so that it can be done in a sustainable  way.

  • Climate Change
  • Conservation of Resources and Natural Resource Allocation
  • National Parks

Voting Laws and Personal ID

As a democracy, it is the governments job to ensure that the process of democracy is not infringed upon so as to advantage some and disadvantage or disenfranchise others. 

  • Congressional Districting
  • Voting Laws
  • Social Security Cards and Other ID
  • How to Vote?